Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Graphic Images Ahead

Not THAT kind of graphic images...sheesh! Awhile back I got to playing on EQ (Electric Quilt) with a block that intrigued me with its graphic possibilities. You can see it at right, set four blocks by four blocks with a narrow border.

The coloration at left reminds me of flowers. Blocks are still set 4 by 4, all oriented the same way.

In the arrangement at right, alternate blocks are flopped. They're also colored differently, with white replacing black and vice versa. This one makes me think of a mosaic floor.
In the arrangement at left, alternate blocks are flopped once again, but other than that they are colored in the same way, so they're mirror images of each other. I like how large rectangles of black space emerge where 4 blocks join. They would be great spaces to feature special quilting.

In the design at right, alternate blocks are flopped, but only the frame patches of each block change in the two colorations. This one has kind of a trail look to it.

And finally, here's my favorite version so far! Alternate blocks are flopped and the colors are swapped in the center nine-patches and some of the frame patches. The figure 8 shapes were a total surprise to me, and I really like the overall effect. I may have to actually make this one!

So, there you go...graphic images. Hope they turned on your creative juices!

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