Saturday, February 1, 2014

Summertime in My Sewing Room

I've been working on a summer table ensemble for McCall's Quick Quilts, and it's really been a spirit-lifter. The fabrics I'm using are sweet, pastel-colored batiks from Timeless Treasures, and it's a great break from the snow and ice just to handle them. The piecing was easy...a chevron design make with all rectangles. Once that was done, I marked each placemat for straight-line quilting:

Next, layering and pin-basting:

Then on to the quilting. I used my walking foot:

Then trimming the edges even:

I used precut 2 1/2" strips for the binding, a different color for each place mat:

I decided to try all-machine-stitched binding, so first it was sewn to the back of the quilted mat:

Then turned to the front and stitched down, which was harder to do neatly than I anticipated:

My awl became my new best friend. It really helped with handling the binding and getting the stitching straight and even:

Finally, all the mats were pieced, quilted, and bound, and the napkins made:

One more little project to go before this ensemble is finished. Here's a clue! More photos when I get to this part:


  1. such cute placemats, did you use a pencil to mark? I don't LIKE machine binding, never get it to look right at the corners..... any tips?

  2. Love the fabric you've used. I machine bind on some craft smalls using straight cut fabric and stitch a quarter inch seam when attaching it to the back of the item. I turn it to the front and turn the binding under so that when I stitch it down I am stitching in the ditch on the back, not so many layers make it easier. I also do one edge at a time and have to hand finish the corners. Which I don't mind. I use bias cut for doll quilts and "best" items and I can go all the way round, and can mitre the corners using the same idea, but it's important to stitch slowly - it's still faster than hand stitching. Slow is the way to go.

    1. That sounds like a really good technique...I'll have to try it! And I totally get it about stitching slowly. I often remind myself it's still way faster than by hand!

  3. Bea, I did use light pencil marks for the quilting. The only tip I came up with for helping with machine binding is to use an awl or stiletto to control the work. That made a big difference for me!

  4. I would like to make these for my son and daughter-in-law. I have the issue that the placements, etc. are presented in and they are beautiful! But - I do not understand how to do step 2 of adding the aqua/blue. Could you please help me?

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