Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Take A Class!

Did you notice the new logo at the top of the page? My friend and graphic design diva Ellie Brown created it for me from my rough drawing. I think it's just right for Hill Street Quilts - cheerful, bright, and very quilty!

I'm still working on the free motion quilting for my yoga mat, but I'm almost finished. I can't wait to get it bound and start using it in my practice sessions. 

The pillows I made for the craft raffle at my family Soup Party picnic on Labor Day found wonderful new homes. My niece Lara won the clamshell pillow, and my cousin Carolyn the sewing machine pillow. The soup was possibly the best ever! Here are my cousins Paul and Dave and my brother Rich gathered around the very large soup pot:

Yesterday I attended my first art class in about 30 years! I'll be learning a whole new style (for me) of watercolor painting, much more vivid and realistic than anything I've attempted before. Packing for an art class is a lot like packing for a quilting class - it's tough to imagine everything you'll need and get it into a single tote!

Here's what we did in Lesson 1:

No filters! All that drama was created with watercolors. My teacher, Debi Watson, did a quick fix on my background, but the rest is me. I think I'll enjoy this class!

If you're ever feeling creatively stuck in your quilting, consider a class in a different art. It wakes up your appreciation for color and form in new ways. And although I'm not currently considering a mushroom-themed quilt, you might also find new inspiration for quilt designs. Give it a try!

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