Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top Five Reasons Quilters Love Their Pets

Meet my poodle/lhasa apso/maltese mix, Zuzu. She's a year and a half old, and she makes me laugh every day. She's also going to be in the January 2014 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts, modeling her car quilt and coordinating tote bag. So many quilters love, love, love their pets, and for very good reasons. These get my nomination for the top five:

1. They neither question nor object to the acquisition of new fabric.
2. They're content to sit by your feet or by your side during marathon sewing sessions.
3. They remind us that EVERYTHING can be seen as fun, including fabric scraps, dangling iron cords, starch overspray, and unguarded batting.
4. They don't mind if you don't take time to make a "real" dinner, as long as the snacks keep coming.
5. And they genuinely appreciate and love to snuggle up in our work (see Exhibit A above).

If you have a pet, I'd love to hear how they support you in your quilting. Pet stories are great!


  1. My son's Aussie helps me with the piecing. She squeezes her little self underneath the sewing table as I sew, and at unexpected intervals drops her surprisingly heavy little head on top of my foot on the pedal. My machine goes ZZZZZZZZzzzzz as I floor the pedal in response. Ms. Scout stayed with me for 3 weeks a few years ago and "helped" me make a quilt for my son (Scout's owner). I put Scout's name on the label along with mine as the quiltmaker of that one. I have 2 big dogs of my own who generally lay on the floor close by when I'm in the sewing studio, usually in the space where I need to stand.

  2. My "baby kitten" (17# of black cat fat) "Merlin" helps by wanting to be rubbed when I try to do a 1/4" seam...I always have wobbles and say that's where Merlin was helping me sew a straight line. He sits in the chair and watches nicely and then "wham" a head bonk on the elbow and he blinks his hazel eyes innocently at me. Of course him and his sister "Sabrina" help hold down the fabric when I'm trying to do anything with a length of it on the floor. But they are good helpers :)

  3. My cat Cricket loves to help pick out fabric. When I put all my choices on the floor to get a better look she will always pick one or two to lay on. The ones she picks are always the best choice for the next project. Who said cats can't see color? She also has supersonic hearing. Even if she's outside she comes running when she hears a piece of fabric being laid out for cutting. She feels the need to make sure it's held down by laying on it.

  4. My Golden Retriever Bailey likes to supervise when I am sewing in the basement. Until blocks go on the design wall! Then she likes to lay right tight to the wall and pull on the flannel sheet, making the blocks fall off!! She's a great help

    1. Pups just wanna have fun, right? Thanks for the story!