Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No-Waste Flying Geese

Being in the video studio today to tape tips for precise piecing reminded me of a video I did awhile back that's gotten lots of positive comments from viewers. If you're looking for a fast, accurate, easy way to make flying geese units, take a look and then give this technique a try. It's my favorite way to make geese!


  1. How do you square up your fabric before you start cutting (to make sure that you're cutting your strips on the grain)?

    1. I usually hold the folded fabric as it came off the bolt up in the air, and adjust the selvages back and forth until the fabric hangs straight, then lay it on the cutting mat with selvages even with a line on the mat. Then I cut a straight line close to the raw edge, and go on from there. But if I'm after maximum accuracy, I'll pull a thread at the raw end until I get a complete straight line along the edge, straighten the edge by cutting along that line, and then cut strips/patches. Make sense?