Friday, October 7, 2016

Quilt Market Preparations

International Quilt Market in Houston is just around the corner, so I have a rush job to work on the next few days. I'm so excited to be making a crib quilt using fabrics designed by Susybee! If you sew for children, you owe it to yourself to check out all the adorable fabrics available from Susannah Bleasby, a Canadian artist who has devoted a lot of time and creative energy to painting wonderful murals in the children's ward of a Toronto hospital. Operation: Art has given rise to adorable characters kids love, and now you can sew with them on lovely fabrics produced in association with Hamil Textiles of New York City.

But I digress. My particular quilt will feature Zoe the giraffe and friends. Here's a peek at some of their sweet faces:

And here's the fabric palette I'm working with:

I can't show you my quilt plan until it's presented to the public at Market, but it's designed to be modern and easy, and to really showcase that adorable border print. The working title of the pattern is Sky High. If you love these fabrics, let your local quilt shop know to be on the lookout for them in Houston. My quilt pattern will be available free from Hamil Textiles/The World of Susybee.

Now, time to quilt!

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