Monday, October 10, 2016

Make New Friends...

Yesterday I got to visit the Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont, Maryland, a HUGE arts and crafts festival now in its 53rd year. You know, the kind of event where you can't even park, you have to ride a shuttle bus there from an outlying parking lot. I went with my sister, my niece Lara, and her new husband Brian. Here we are right after eating a yummy street fair lunch of assorted bad-for-us foods.

As always happens to me at events like this, I went into it thinking how fun it would be to visit all the vendors that had anything to do with quilts and other textiles. And it was, it really was. There were some lovely quilts, table runners, fabric baskets, and more. But here's the booth that touched my heart the most:

That pretty pink and white quilt was being used as a tablecloth in a display of primitive wooden art pieces. It was in terrible condition, worn through in more places that not, with large areas of fabric missing entirely, but it was still so very sweet. I debated offering to buy it right out from under the display, but my pocketbook decided against it. Instead, I found myself having an imaginary conversation with the quilt.

"You are so beautiful! Look at all those perfect triangle units and that pretty hand quilting! And the soft pinks in your fabrics...just so sweet! I'm sorry you're feeling tattered and old."

"Don't feel sorry. I've already had a long and lovely life, and I'm not finished yet! Sometimes I miss the days when I covered my maker's bed and kept her warm as I was made to do, but now that I work at craft fairs I get to see more of the world, and to meet many people."

"Still, you must have suffered a lot of trauma over the years. Your fabric is so ripped up and tattered."

"That's not trauma, silly. That's love. My family loved me so much that they used me every night and laundered me often. I kept people warm and comforted sick children and even cuddled with a few family pets in my time. You can't be loved like that and not end up tattered. You've read the Velveteen Rabbit, right?"

"Good point, pretty pink quilt, good point. It's been lovely to meet you. Keep on keeping on."

The crowds were fun, the day was sunny and cool, and the leaves were just beginning to turn colors. A perfect outing with people I love. And I got to make a new friend - a pretty pink quilt I won't soon forget.

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